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"My reading with Sue was truly incredible and so spot on.  She gave me so much strength to get through a harrowing time and filled me with hope and confidence.  My experience was so beyond the cards, which were also spot on, and Sue was a light for me in the darkness.  I've gone on to fulfill all of what my reading predicted and I couldn't be happier.  I think back to that reading often and just smile at how afraid I was and how aligned and certain I am now.  Thank you Sue!!!!"

~ Morgan Garza, Spiritual Author and Teacher, Denver, CO

"In my 10 years as a Portrait Photographer, I've met many amazing people but none like Sue!  People who have a true passion, lit up when they do it... Sue lights up the ENTIRE room!  If you are looking for answers, she might have a few!"  


~ Jani, Photographer, Owner of JS Portrait Studio, Delray Beach, FL

"I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a reading from Sue.  I still hold it in my memory, and I am looking forward to more.  She has such a way with working with her cards and pulling the messages you need to hear forth.  I highly recommend Sue for any reading needs you may have."

~ Sabrina Perez, Priestess and Healer, Los Gatos, CA

Posted on Facebook:  

"Please follow my good friend, everyone could use Sue in their life."

~ Jay V., Tucson, AZ

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