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Six Months Left in 2020...

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

There are just six months left in 2020. Thank the Lord. I imagine most of us can't wait for this year to come to an end. If you think about what the first six months of this year have been about, you can't say we haven't had enough time to reflect on our "stuff," to reassess and to realign. But have you?

Surviving, Make That, Thriving in 2020

If you haven't used the last six months for self-reflection and self-discovery, there is still time! Think of it as a gift. I know, I know. It sure doesn't feel like a gift. Far from it. But it is a gift none the less. Here's why.

Using Tarot, I see 2020 as the year of Judgement, times TWO! 20/20. It is also a 4 which is The Emperor. This is a lot of weighty energy. The Emperor brings structure, self-discipline, power, and authority. Gravitas. The Judgement card signifies rebirth, awakening and reevaluation. Putting these cards together you've got the ability to take charge of who you are and where you are going. But you'll need to do the work.

This is the year to look at every nook and cranny of our lives and our selves. That's a whole lot of reassessing, and pretty much challenging everything we know, everything we've done til now. I’m talking relationships, career, finances, beliefs, soul purpose, family, health. Yes, it’s all under scrutiny. At least, it should be. Because you’ll probably, hopefully, never have an opportunity like this one again. The entire world pushed the pause button when COVID-19 appeared and it feels like we’re at a standstill, even if it’s only temporary. I hope you have been questioning everything.

The irony about the Judgement card is that it is NOT about looking back at the past or present and passing judgement, like whether you have been good or bad. We need to evaluate our experiences and behavior without beating ourselves up over “mistakes," but without judgement! We aren't supposed to be judging ourselves in a way that brings us down. In fact, I think it can actually bring us up! To see what needs to change. To see what needs letting go. Perhaps more self-awareness.

What If This Is...GOOD?

There is a very positive way to gain perspective on our lives without traditional “judgement." What if we simply see things from a new perspective and acknowledge that any “mistakes” we made were because we were off our true path and didn’t know any better? We can take responsibility for our actions and yet be gentle with ourselves at the same time. If you have been struggling lately, believe me, if this is true, I know it’s for good reason, so this may not be easy. You could already be stressed out over money, job (lack there of), family issues, health, I won't go on. Taking a closer look at your life could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Judgement card in Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot deck is called Renewal. I think I like this word better. Because more than likely, we are all in a place where renewal would be welcome. In Valentine's deck, the Renewal card says: “Review and evaluate. A favorable assessment of the facts. Time to move in a new direction.” The universe has given us time to see things more clearly, discover who we are and make some hard choices about how we want to move forward. To see the truth without judgement. That’s the irony of 2020.

And it's all good.

Get Inspired ~ Be Uplifted ~ Feel Empowered

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