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Going deeper with sue

A Modern Approach to Tarot

Intuitive Readings with Sue Rundle

finding CLARITY And practical SOLUTIONS


The clair of knowing, claircognizance, means you JUST KNOW. This is my superpower.  I am a "no-nonsense, tell it like it is" girl so we'll get to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.

Working with High Achieving Women (HAWs), and those who aspire to be, is my specialty.  As a mentor, I provide clear, actionable advice using a modern approach to Tarot.  Don't be afraid of a little woo woo!  There is magic in the cards that ignites my intuition and helps me see solutions to your problems.  

We say we want personal fulfillment but what does that mean?  Do you "have it all?"  Do you even want to have it all?  Are you a go-go-go person who wants to slow down but you don't know how?  Do you feel in alignment with your values and your true self?  We can explore all of these ideas and more in your reading.

Going deeper with me will allow you to search your soul for answers to anything you're dealing with.  I can help you figure out what's not working and what needs to change.  We will work together to strategize and make a plan for you to move forward with confidence.  I am your anchor in this work.  I will ground you and guide you.  

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